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Online safety advice

We work hard to remove profiles of dishonest people but we cannot get them all and sometimes it might take 24 hours to detect a scammer. Therefore you should always consider the following:

Never leave the site
If a person, after a few messages asks you to leave the site be alert. Scammers like to take people away from the site and into a chat system like Skype, Hangouts or email. Stay in the site and you have more protection. Fakes will come up with some great reasons why you should chat elsewhere, they include:

  • My connection is too slow
  • The sites chat is too slow
  • I don’t login often
  • I don’t want to share my pictures on this site

Never send anyone money
This is a really simple rule, never do it! Whatever the reason they come up with, no normal person needs someone they have never met in real-life to send money.

If you have doubts
You can always test someone if you think they could be a fraud. Ask them to send a selfie with a pose of your choice, for example, 2 fingers touching their left ear. If they make an excuse, like my camera is broken on my phone, hit that report button!

Real-world safety advice

Here are some tips when you move from online to the read-world.

  • Meet in a public place
  • Tell a friend
  • Take your phone
  • Use own transport
More safety advice can be accessed from with the site/app via the SETTINGS menu.