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Gamer dating site

Meet your gaming match

Looking for someone who shares your passion for gaming? Joystick dating is here to match gamers or people who would like to date a gamer.

Dates and playmates

Joystick dating has gamers looking for relationships or friendships. Maybe you want to find a partner who understands your love of games? Or perhaps you want to find someone to play games online? You're going to find it simpler and quicker on Joystick than a traditional dating site.

The players

Joystick dating is for everyone as we are a fully inclusive site. We welcome, guys, girls and transgender folk of every sexuality possible. Our members are from all over the world and you can connect with anyone. Maybe your match will be in a different country and you will play online, or your match could be round the corner allowing you to play side by side on the sofa.

The tech

We know you love tech and hate lag! We go crazy on bandwidth design and server optimisation. A global search takes 0.02 seconds, a profile load is sub 400ms. Here are the key features:

  • Search distance, activity, pictures
  • Private chat & pictures
  • Gaming centric profiles
  • Report and blocking (if needed)
  • Mobile, laptop, desktop

The privacy

Joystick dating has some of the best privacy you will find on any dating site. You can choose how much you want to share and you can even use the site anonymously. Pictures are optional, locations are approximated, first names only, age and not date of birth. And when you find your gamer date and you decide to leave us the delete button takes everything out as if you never joined.

Score today

Come and join Joystick dating and meet like-minded gamers right now. You can be playing online with your new match tonight!


Joystick dating is a swipe free zone, no stupid barriers to communication. Like someone, send them a message!